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TEONG HIN SAW 24.8.1962 is an award-winning Malaysian film director, writer and producer with a career of more than 30 years.
“Puteri Gunung Ledang” (2004), Teong Hin’s directorial debut, was the first Malaysian submission for The Academy Awards (2004). It was also the first Malaysian film invited to screen at the Venice International Film Festival (2004). 
Aside from co-writing the book for “Puteri Gunung Ledang – The Musical”, Teong Hin has, since 2010, directed for the stage, with great success. His theatre directorial credits include the iconic Singapore play, “Emily of Emerald Hill” for The Georgetown Festival (2010), a dance drama “Silat” (2012), an original musical “Chow Kit Road! Chow Kit Road!” (2013) as well as the stage version of “You Mean The World To Me” (2014) on which the movie is based.
For television, Teong Hin directed the popular mini-series “Tangkal Besi”(2010) and the web series “Inikah Cinta” (2010).
His career reached a new high when he directed the 2017 South East Asian Games Opening and Closing Ceremonies, held in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

HJ THORPE ALI 10.03.1960 A renowned Malaysian Entertainment Industry player, with a vast 31years experience in the industry, A member of FDAM and independent filmmaker. As a Head of Film & TV Production, he has directed, writes and produces many television programmes such as documentaries, dramas, tele-movies, television commercials and even some local films.

Executive Producer for Assasin (TV3 - CEREKARAMA), Jaguh Kampung (RTM - TELEMOVIE), Orang Kaya Baru (RTM - TELEMOVIE), Cinta Untuk Di Sewa.

Directed: Wak (RTM - TELEMOVIE)  Documenteries - First Blow Pipe (Film - 2015 - Finas), Sugeh (Tele-Film – 2014), Skrip 1 Juta (RTM), Detik 12 malam x 26 eps & Bilik no 13 x 13 eps (RTM) & Magazines (Dapur Bujang 26eps) Bola Cinta (26 eps 45min) etc. In 2012, involved in a Italian Reality show called Pekin Express that’s was produced by a Belgium company, Exxholine Production as a Line Producer.
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