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NEVIN HIONG 3.2.1971 BA in music composition from Japan in 1995. 1995-2010 he setup his music studio and has produced music for many video productions. Affluent in English, Chinese, Japanese and Malay. From 2011-2013 he carried out as a cinematographer for many local films like Cerita Kita, Nasi Kangkang, Jin, Cerita Hantu Malaysia, Kasut Ku Kusut, Apartment, Sniper, Highland Tower, Mukasurat Cinta, Lagenda Budak Hostel, Ia Wujud and made his mark.  Started off as a music producer and later on tried the waters of cinematography and by 2014, he produced his first Chinese film “MoKissU” and debut as a director for his first film “Kampung Drift” in 2016.