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FDAM, established in 1990, is an organization and field for directors or directors in Malaysia to share views, meet and interact, exchange ideas, as well as to carry out activities and events that enhance their professionalism and career creativity. This includes standardization and standardization of the field of directing or directing as well as everything related to it. Thus, FDAM strives to develop, improve, and improve skills and knowledge among its members in order to contribute to the development of the Malaysian film industry creatively, softly and intellectually.

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FDAM aspires to be a world class film centre in Manitoba that supports filmmakers, engages the community and expands the appreciation of independent cinema.(Example)

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FDAM is the open network organisation for a wide range of professionals in the field of film and media education, based upon sharing knowledge and mutual solidarity among its members.(Example)

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FDAM Works


Among the activities that have been, are and will be carried out include:

  1. Conduct training programs through seminars, workshops and forums;
  2. Conduct research and research as a guide and reference towards improving the quality, skills, techniques and art of directing;
  3. Formulate and issue specific guidelines, rules or regulations as a reference for a problem related to directing in the context of the film industry;
  4. Provide incentive schemes for members in the form of specific awards, awards, and support made based on merit; and,
  5. Collaborate with institutions, departments, associations, and bodies related to film directing and production within or outside the country; among others.

The establishment of FDAM not only aims to safeguard the interests of its members, but also aims to hone and develop its members to be on par with the professional and creative capabilities of foreign directors. This is because, in general, FDAM is committed to developing, developing and elevating the Malaysian film industry to a more excellent and dignified level.


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